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Fifty years after local preservationists & renowned architecture critic & Pulitzer Prize winner Ada Louis Huxtable saved Salem from the wrecking ball, we are faced with a new threat. Overdevelopment is changing our beautiful, historic coastal city into a congested, faceless place.


Architecture is one of Salem’s greatest assets, unique in the world & pivotal to our economic success. And yet, our current administration was the first since urban renewal to support the demolition of antique houses making way for new construction. Historic architecture, brick sidewalks & cobbled streets continue to be degraded. Neighborhoods & small businesses are being swallowed up by huge, uninspired “Stumpies” in a mid-rise apartment boom.


High rents in these buildings are putting pressure on affordable rentals & threaten our collective ability to build equity & attain homeownership.

Several development projects are planned on our floodplains & wetlands.


Neighbors vehemently oppose these projects. Municipal boards are not listening to residents & twisting rules to favor developers in order to bring these projects forward.

Neighborhoods are fighting back with lawsuits all over the city. Now finally, 

Salem neighborhoods are combining forces to protect the city America loves.